GRAPE VARIETIES : Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan, Grenache. The exact makeup of the final combination is determined in particular by the vintage according to the maturity of the grapes, the exposure of each plot of land to the sun and the quality of each grape variety. Vintage after vintage, this “extrait” conserves the specific character of the property with less accentuated notes of Mourvèdre for a more rapid evolution.

WINE MAKING : Pre-fermentation through soaking at a medium temperature. Careful temperature control and the most natural regulation possible thanks to 60 cm thick cut stone walls. Long fermentation
of skins and vinification in 4 hl barrels for one part. Renewal by use of new barrels for one third. Barrels of French oak toasted traditionally for a medium-long period of time.

TASTING : Nose of red fruits, spices and liquorice. A full “Charnel” and balanced wine.